Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Wk6-B: Creating and Scheduling FaceBook Posts

Cleopatra's Closet


Scheduled Posts : 

     I believe that these posts will begin to kickstart and engage my audience after the tease of new similar pieces. Using the various 'throwback' terms I have set a buffer to the weekend when I intend to have my new art finished and posted.


Scheduled Posts : 

     I believe that these posts will help to engage my audience by asking them questions and trying to get them to interact with me. I also tagged another page in the first post as I am quite interested in one of their products for our games on Power Gamers. 

Group Pages Visited:

Clare's Digital MarketingSydney's ApothecaryFlowers~Annette GomezAlibi Brewing CompanyCleopatra's ClosetTrident Pacific Consulting

Wk6-A: Engaging your Customers


     Liking and following businesses similar to your own can help you curate a timeline that is catered to the same or a similar audience as your page. In doing so you can get a better idea of how better to market your goods and create your posts following current trends in the industry. 


     On my Whatwolf page I have newly liked the following business pages:
  1. Minty Deer - An art and commissions page run by my dearest friend, Amy. I find her work to always be very inspiring and pleasing to look at. She is one of my biggest fans and supporters, always pushing me to do what she knows I am capable of. Having her posts come up on my feed will remind me that I am loved and capable of more than I think.
  2. Teresa Joy's Art - I really enjoy Teresa's art style and how she branches out into new mediums. I look forward to seeing and being inspired by what she creates!
  3. Simple Daily Drawing - As any artist knows, staring at a blank page or canvas is one of the most daunting things. By liking Simple Daily Drawing I will have drawing prompts right on my timeline whenever I need them!
  4. Chillhop Music - I love chillhop as a genre and this is the page for one of my favorite creators/curators of chillhop music. I often listen to them when I am drawing or painting so I thought it would be apt to like their page from my own to have quicker access to share any mixes I like with my followers.
  5. Castillo Studios - My late uncle and now my aunt are professional artists. Seeing Sammy's work is always jaw-dropping and inspiring. 
  6. Cindy Avelino - As stated in my Week5-A post I adore Cindy Avelino's work and social media usage. Being able t easily see and share her work is an exciting prospect. 
  7. A wolf's lair. - Similarly to Cindy Avelino, I decided to like A wolf's lair. from my business page as well to further curate my timeline for Whatwolf.

     On the Power Gamers D&D page I have newly liked the following business pages:
  1. Dungeons & Dragons - Keeping up with updates from the creators of the game standard we use to play is very important so having them on the curated newsfeed will be fantastic.
  2. Critical Role - Critical Role is a group of one of the most well-known streaming D&D groups. They run many fundraisers and help the communities they are involved in. Keeping up with them will be important in keeping up with applicable hashtags and trends. 
  3. Wyrmwood - Wyrmwood is a well-known and high-quality provider of gaming trays, tables, dice, and more. As I personally use Wyrmood products when I play outside of the Power Gamers campaign I thought it would be a good idea to like their page from our business page.
  4. Cantrip Candles - Cantrip Candles is a small, local business from LA that makes D&D themed scented candles with a map drawn on the lid of each one for use in your game should you choose. When we can gather safely again I'm hoping to get a few of these candles to help with the feeling and environment of our Power Gamers sessions. 
  5. JourneyQuest - JourneyQuest is a D&D-themed series of movies that I was introduced to by two members of Power Gamers. It is a hilarious watch and I think that we would do well to start trying to connect with them.
  6. Francis Roberts // Old Man Wizard - Francis is actually an old friend of mine who I met when he was in a band at the local renaissance faire. His newer work is a genre called 'dungeonsynth' which is very fitting for D&D. Old Man Wizard is his current band/project as well. 
  7. Cindy Avelino - Similarly to my Whatwolf page I decided to like Cindy Avelino's page on Power Gamers as well. Her bases as in part intended for Dungeons and Dragons characters. 

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Wk5-B: Learning about FaceBook Data Collecting


     Facebook (and general) analytics are a great asset when gauging what content your audience enjoys. Post Reach allows you to get an idea of how much of your audience is seeing your content or advertisements and Post Engagement gives you an idea of how many people interact with and enjoy your content. These sets of data are helpful in curating your content to maximize your potential on social media. 

     There are three main types of post reach -- organic, viral, and paid. Reach of all types will show you how many people have seen your content on their Facebook feeds, whether they have Liked or Followed your page or not (including if you are running paid advertisements) as when your fans interact with your content it will appear on their friends feeds as well giving you a wider reach. Post Reach can be a good benchmarker as well, showing you when your fans are most active, thus giving you a better idea of when to post curated content for maximum view and engagement.

     With Post Engagement you see an increase in post reach when, as mentioned above, fans interact with or share your content. Post Engagement is an important metric, in my opinion, as it can help pinpoint more accurately what kind of content your audience enjoys seeing. Taking the extra step to react, comment, and especially share is so beneficial to businesses that rely on social media to be successful. As your Post Engagement increases you can curate your content more accurately alongside the Post Reach data to better maximize your view and engagement.

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Wk5 - Alternate Assignment


     I have been running my Whatwolf page since October 17, 2017. I currently have 153 likes and 157 follows. I haven't been using it often as of recently as I have not been producing much art or other applicable content.

     I created the Power Gamers D&D Facebook page on August 14, 2020 and we have 27 likes and 32 follows. I usually use it to repost D&D memes and try to post our session reminders to it when I'm able to. 

Cindy Avelino - Cindy Avelino also uses her Facebook to advertise and sell her artwork, her Facebook sort of crosses over both of my businesses as she has some TTRPG focused artwork. I feel she uses Facebook very effectively, as I found her via advertisement campaigns she ran on Facebook, and she uses it to show her own personal work as well as advertising her things for sale on Gumroad. She usually posts multiple times a week, either showing new content or reminders of sales on her Gumroad bases. I think her cover photo and calls to action are very well done. I can't think of any way she could be using Facebook more effectively but I can absolutely take a few pages from her book to better my own social media use.

A Wolf's Lair - Volkyrax uses their Facebook to share their artwork and commissions as well as freelance and offer their services. They don't post very often, every few weeks with a few smaller time gaps here and there.  I really like the art they used for their cover photo but I think their calls to action could be better set up. Overall I think that they have room for improvement in their use of Facebook. I think that I could improve my own use by paying more attention to hashtags.

A Cup of Conure - A Cup of Conure is run by a long-time friend of mine, Cassidy, she saw significant growth over the 2020 year due to proper usage of social media. She uses the page to advertise and show art, share videos and pictures of her pet birds, and use her platform for local bird disaster fundraising.  She posts fairly consistently every week, sometimes more, and her choice of cover photo and calls to action are well done. I can (and do!) learn a lot watching how Cassidy manages her social media presence. 

Wk4-B - Defining MY target markets


     Defining your target market is an important step in beginning to market yourself. Knowing your target market will make defining audiences for ad campaigns much simpler and allow you a higher chance of reaching people that will find an interest in your business versus not limiting your market and allowing your advertisement to run too broadly could result in a waste of funds with little to no return. 

     For Whatwolf I have two target markets to define, one for the freelancing end and one for the streaming/gaming end. For the freelancing end, I have a few options as far as market choice goes, I can swing broad with my watercolor and acrylic illustrations and attempt to reach people 18-65+ with an interest in nature, art, and home decor or I could choose a niche within my art style and choose, say, people 18-35+ with an interest in art, animals, and commission work to find people within certain art communities online. On the streaming end I tend to aim for a limited audience, people 18-30+ with an interest in simulation, roleplaying, and occasional variety games and with the added rise in 'VTubers' I could utilize that to my advantage as I have been using a streaming avatar for over a year. 

     For Power Gamers D&D I have fewer options as far as my target market goes as it is a much more niche subject. For the most part I would say the audience we are aiming for varies slightly between the two campaigns, for the Legends of Lyria campaign I would go for people 18-35+ with an interest in horror, adventure, and storytelling and for our Auror Academy I would look for people 18-35+ with an interest in Harry Potter, magic, and storytelling. 

Friday, April 2, 2021

Wk4-A : Defining Target Markets


     Target markets are an extremely important thing to consider when working on your marketing plans. Proper usage of target markets can send your product trending upwards. 

Subway vs. Hungry Bear

    While similar in targeted audiences there are some clear differences in the marketing used and the designs of the websites chosen. With both companies being sandwich based their offerings are mildly similar but you can see quickly that one company (Subway) has access to front and back end web developers to give their customers a more in-depth and visually stimulating view of their offerings while the other (Hungry Bear) has a simpler design that may have been set up by a third-party with limited access to update information. 

      Subway has a clear focus on informing their audience about their ethical, sustainable, and community efforts as well as current Covid information and their offerings of remote pick up. Their information is delivered in light, springish colors and large images of some of their offerings.  Personally, I find the information and large blocks overwhelming though they do get the point across. On their about and history pages you can find their call to action and the history of the company's growth. 

   Hungry Bear on the other hand is extremely basic in its offerings, also utilizing the large block-style layouts though in a bold red with green accents. Information on the menus and catering are quickly and easily accessed. The about page, unfortunately, does not convey much information regarding the life and history of the deli and I was unable to find any clear call to action on the website.

     Overall while having similar target audiences they are able to convey similar information in similar ways while still being distinctly different from one another. I do wish that the Hungry Bear website had more information accessible but I also know that front and back end web design isn't always the easiest beast to master.     

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Wk3-B: Developing a Brand

 Power Gamers

     The creation of Power Gamers was started largely by a friend of mine, DJ, I was brought on late in the project to help organize things and assist with art/graphics. DJ composed our current logo and I'm currently working with a friend of mine to make an easier-to-use vector logo. Our color scheme is green and purple which was chosen by DJ. While they are difficult colors to combine I do my best to utilize them in a pleasing way. At the moment our marketing material is not as cohesive as I would like but I am working on an overhaul of our logo, graphics, and social media profiles to fit a more singular brand. 

A flaming fist in front of a bark-textured background. Power Gamers surrounds a flaming D20 above the fist.


     On the other hand, I have my personal brand, Whatwolf. I create almost all of the art, graphics, and products for this brand, and use it as a catch-all for my art and streaming content. I have a logo and a character that I play, complete with webcam overlay, who is a large Maned Wolf named Mosh. I use a specific font that I created for all of my Whatwolf graphics that is actually my handwriting to give it more of a homemade feel. I use this branding consistently over Facebook and Twitch, but I use my Twitter for personal things as well making it is less streamlined to the brand. 


     Developing and building a brand is very difficult without prior knowledge or research to back up your actions. Best practices are very important to find and follow to ensure that you are maximizing your use and benefits from various social media sites. Making sure that your brand fits the niche you're looking to inhabit is an important thing to consider when planning and building your project.

     With online-only brands, it is extremely important to utilize the social media use of your audience. Engagement via Facebook or Twitter can help cement your brand and/or character for people and assist in recall when they think of your brand. The camaraderie with other brands that can be achieved via these mediums can also help you push yourself to the forefront as your name flickers across feeds they otherwise may not.

     Overall, building a brand takes a lot of work and study for you to be successful. Keep up on current trends across similar brands on your social media sites to ensure that you are staying relevant and avoiding any current 'hot button' issues. Remaining consistent in your use and graphics can help you propel your brand.